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Both versions of the OCON were sent to the Hawaiian Office of Elections while only one version was submitted to other states' Election authorities.The DNC's fraudulent OCON was an obvious, desperate attempt to control damage and prevent Obama from being disqualified from the Hawaiian ballot and prevent public awareness of the DPH's refusal to certify Obama's eligibility. The Official Certification of Nomination is a legally required document submitted by each party's state and national authority to every state elections committee authority prior to each election.Unless of course, we are willing to cast out the peddlers of corrupt ideas.Expulsion is an essential first step in physically removing foul influences which undermine the intended goodness of our founders.The DNC is not served by the multiple state party authorities, it is there to serve the state party authorities.Federal constitutional law prescribes the mandates for Presidential eligibility, but state authorities have the responsibility for validating candidate authenticity for their own ballot.The OCON controversy is an example of what happens when dishonest, inferior people try to force themselves into positions of power they are not qualified to assume.Even those who seek to uphold the honorability of service at the local level, within their own party, will eventually refuse to endorse their candidacy if the disparity of legal qualifications becomes irreconcilable.

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The DPH is the Democrat Party authority in Hawaii in charge of requesting, reviewing and verifying the legal qualifications of a candidate's eligibility for inclusion on the Hawaiian ballot, in compliance with state and Constitutional election laws.

However, they have failed to explain why the state party authority refused to certify Obama, due to his lack of legal qualifications, while the national party authority simply certified Obama, ignoring that same lack of legal qualifications.

The lack of accountability makes the Democrat Party appear pathetically disreputable.

It affords the Chief Elections Officer in each state with the documented legal assurance that the candidates seeking inclusion on their state's ballot are indeed certified as constitutionally eligible to serve the office they seek.

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Unfortunately, the violation committed by the DNC's falsified certification is that there was no evidence to support claims of Obama's eligibility.However, it is more important to remember that Obama's handlers engaged the prerequisites of his illegitimacy with exhaustive investigation and extreme premeditation long before they pushed him onto his present stage. The evidence reveals they may have even pushed too hard on the limits of lawful conduct.

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