Dating economy

17-Aug-2017 19:58

(7) Despite being governed by Hamas, an international terrorist group dedicated to Israel’s destruction, Israel has established a number of initiatives meant to aid Gaza’s economy.These include provisions to promote the building of essential societal institutions such as schools, hospitals and sanitation centers.These included developing the Gaza Marine gas field which reportedly “could contribute dramatically to Palestinian fiscal sustainability.” During 2011 and the first half of 2012, Israel closely collaborated with the PA to improve the Palestinian agriculture industry.This included projects to exterminate pests, improve soil quality, and increase international trade of Palestinian agricultural goods.As noted above, Hamas also receives direct funding from the PA. Israel has donated more funds to UNRWA than most Arab states.

Many of the things Israel does on a daily basis go without public notice, vastly under-reported in the media.As recently as 1994, Israel gave more to UNRWA than all Arab countries except Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Morocco.” Currently, Israel does not give directly but through their UN dues.