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I love want she have done she look more mature than ever here face look growing up more mommy look go britey I love this look all it take is some good love said on 11/Jul/14I remember in high school I saw a magazine where she wrote down 5'8 1/2 for herself! I'm 5'8 and I was towering over her , I understand how in the entertainment industry you can be portrayed a lot taller then you are as an actor I'm told to add 2 inches to my real height so I'm 5'10 in the movie industry .

Katy is a solid 5'6 and Paris is a tall leany stick so would be about a 5'8 . said on 24/Dec/13I've met Britney at the VMA's and she's a good 5'3 .

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not too short, and not too tall next to other people. unless they are extreme bodybuilders and lift 300 lbs over their head on a daily basis!Britney was in heels while Jamie Lynn was in sneakers, but the difference was almost a head. I know she is 5ft4, and also that her weight varies enormously, which is a none-too-pleasant state of affairs for her health-wise or on a confidence level. She looks nice and slim in the advert she did recently with Kevin Bacon!said on 14/Apr/17She is 5,4 Born- 1978 Weight- 137 pounds no offense Britney but Ur kinda fat lol 😂 for a 5,4 person rihhana is 5,7 and she is 3 inches taller than you lol 😂 if u look in the video work bich she is fat as big mama and god damn her boobs said on 22/Dec/16In those 'Smurfs' pictures with Katy Perry, if you zoom and focus on the shoes Britney wears higher ones than Katy does.said on 28/Sep/17Opinions here & pictures suggest she is a solid 5'4 woman.

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Hilarious because people on JT page making ridiculous claims the guy is under 180cm. If she is 163 or a little under say (161) he is definitely 182cm. said on 2/Jun/17Absolutely dwarfed Jamie Lynn Spears when they recently posed together on the red carpet with the entire family.In my opinion, based on pics of Shakira and J-Lo together in where they look the same height, I believe Shakira is 5'3 flat (J-Lo is about 5'3 as well, she needs a two-inch downgrade).

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