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25-Nov-2017 18:04

Hugging or holding hands qualifies as “indecent behavior in a public place,” a crime that carries a six month prison sentence.There has been some discussion of passing laws requiring all Muslims to pay a (religious tax) of 2.5 percent, with those not paying risking fine and up to three years in prison.Islamic law is selectively enforced by local officials in each of Malaysia's 13 federal states.In some states unmarried Muslim couples caught in hotel rooms can be charged, while believers seen eating in the daytime during the fasting month of Ramadan can be fined.There are laws in Malaysia’s more Islamic states that state anyone who misses Friday prayers three weeks in a row can be punished by six months in jail.Smoking, drinking or eating on Ramadan carry a jail term up to one year.

Subashini, a clerk, married Saravanan Thangathoray in a Hindu wedding in 2002.Sharia is applied on some matters throughout the country and has been applied in a more extreme manner in two Malaysian states, Kelantan and Terengganu.