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Themes of genocide and racism are handled with surreal aplomb, and the film as been enthralling cult (see: drug-fueled) audiences for decades now. It's a devastating, highly nuanced film about war and societal conflict, and well worth revisiting if all you remember about it is how much it made you cry as a kid. is closest thing to a family film on this list, but I'd strongly argue that it's more properly called an adult film that kids can watch, too.They'll probably enjoy the beautiful stop-motion animation and silly antics.Take, for instance, the long history of animated films made exclusively for adults, going all the way back to old pornographic animation of the '20s like or the Betty Boop shorts of the '30s.It wasn’t until the '70s, though, that animated feature films for adults got their place at the table.The movie is based on Roald Dahl's children's novel, of course, but director Wes Anderson adapted it into somebody much deeper, about flailing masculinity and the wide reaching effects of self-destructive behavior. is perhaps the prototypical anime feature, and for a reason: it's great.

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As a vision of what’s to come, it hardly gets more inventive than Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s masterpiece.

Their world is brought to life in gorgeous, clean, evocative animation, making the highs high and the tragic lows hit that much harder. Completely personal in its visual style—drawn with stick figures and line animation—and even more personal in its absurd exploration of depression, loneliness, and death, is animation as essay in the best possible way.

It's the kind of film that will make your heart stop and the beat back to life, putting you through the wringer until you've come out the other side just a little bit closer to understanding the meaning of life.

on an unsuspecting public, animated films have taken on a new kind of life in the American cinematic landscape.

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No longer content to be opiates for masses of children worldwide, animated films are lauded for their intelligence and emotional impact—and their impact on parents in particular.

The film tells the story of the sniper massacre at the University of Texas at Austin in 1966. In fact, it’s a difficult watch even for adults, and especially for parents. First and foremost is the fact that the film’s complicated music rights led its director to distribute the film for free online.

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